Reign 24

Applications for Reign 24 Available now!

Are you interested in being a candidate for I.S.C.S.M’s  Empress, Emperor, Princess or Prince?

            You are in the right place to start the journey of a candidate! You can find the application on this page, Please take a look at the about section to see what the I.S.C.S.M is about, peruse our site and check us out on facebook! If you have any questions please contact us and we will answer your questions.T he application is in PDF format! if you need be you can get Adobe DX (formerly reader) at the below link for PC and/or Mac. .

All Applications MUST be in no later than August 1st, 2018! Please be aware that you also MUST be present at the Board Meeting (in-person, by phone or video) August 5th, 2018

ISCSM Emperor Empress Title Application

ISCSM Prince or Princess Title Application