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Slumber Party with Reign 21!

Remember the good ole days of slumber parties? Staying up all night laughing with friends, playing video games, doing each others hair and make up, and talking about boys and/or girls? Lets relive some of that and come have a Slumber Party themed drag show with the I.S.C.S.M.! Big Daddy Michaels, Christina, Aidden, and Jasmine all want you to join them for a fun night of drag, pajamas, and debauchery!

Show is open to all performers
18+ event, $5 at the door.
Door opens at 9, show starts at 10.

***performers must have music turned in by 9:30***
***We will be doing a digital protocol in addition to our standard protocol. To make protocol easier for all involved, please send your music in advance to with your full performing name, any titles you may have (limit 2) and any other requests. Your music track must be attached or it will not be accepted. We will reply back that I got it to let you know! If there are any problems with this, we will also have protocol open the night of the show until 9:30 for those that need/want to bring a CD***

I.S.C.S.M. Reign 22 Investitures Show

Reign 22 is excited to kick off this year with our Investitures Show! Please join us November 19th at The Palace Lounge, as their Most Imperial Majesties and Imperial Highness’s announce their imperial family for reign 22 and start the year off with a great show!

Doors Open at 9pm, Show starts at 10pm

The show is open to all performers! If you are interested in performing please arrive and turn in your music burned on a CD by 9:30pm

For more information, see the event Facebook Page:

Welcome the Board of Directors for Reign 22

Please welcome the newly elected Board of Directors for Reign 22 of the I.S.C.S.M.

President of the BOD –  Ricky Cline/Jacquelyn Frost

Vice President – Dallas Johns

Secretary –  Mike Brenton

Treasurer – Ashley Langton

Scholarship Coordinator – Rose Coates

Member at Large – David Ostrom/ Chance Encounters

Member at Large – Laura Coates

Member at Large – Justin Pike

Board Elections

Hello everyone,

We will be holding the final board meeting for Reign 21 of the I.S.C.S.M. at 1pm Sunday September, 25th 2016. The meeting will be held at the Western Montana Community Center. Immediately following the meeting, we will hold our board elections for the board of directors for Reign 22 of the I.S.C.S.M. If anyone is interested in running for any board title, please join us September 25th. If you have any questions, please see contact us.

In Love and Service,

The Board of Directors for Reign 21 of the I.S.C.S.M.

Welcome Reign 22 of the I.S.C.S.M.

Congratulations and welcome to the newest title holders of the I.S.C.S.M.

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Emperor 21 of All Montana Big Daddy Michaels

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Absolute Empress 20 and Regent Empress 22 Christina Drake

His Most Imperial Sovereign Highness, Prince 22 Aidden Bedding

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Highness, Princess 22 Jasmine Drake – DeTante


Candidates for Reign 22

Ladies and Gentlemen, the board of directors of the I.S.C.S.M. are excited to announce the candidates for Reign 22. Voting will take place at the out of town show, September 9th at the Elks.

Congratulations and good luck to all of our candidates.

Candidate #1 for Emperor 22: Michael Kellough

Candidate #1 for Prince 22: Aidden Bedding

Candidate #1 for Princess 22: Jasmine Drake-DeTanteMichael Aiden Jasmine

2016 Scholarship Applications

Good Day Everyone,

The I.S.C.S.M. is pleased to announce that applications are now available for our 2016 Rosalinda de la Luna scholarships. The deadline for applications to be returned to the I.S.C.S.M. Board of Directors is August 1st, 2016. You can find the applications under the scholarship tab of our site. We will also be holding our annual scholarship benefit show on April 16th at the Palace Lounge. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, please contact our scholarship coordinator Rose Coates at