Board of Directors

President of the BOD: Gina McCallum

Vice President of the BOD: Vacant

Secretary: Brent Bedding

Treasurer: Kim Spurzem

Scholarship Coordinator: Mrs. Money

President of the College of Monarchs: Ophelia Bouvier Empress 10

Outreach Coordinator: Sophia Stone

Members at Large: Ian Mucci, and Tiffany White

IT Admin: Ian Mucci

Reign 24

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Emperor of all Montana
Aidden Bedding

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Empress 24 of all Montana
Diana Bourgeois-Drake

His Most Imperial Sovereign Highness
Crown Prince 23 of all Montana
Brent Bedding

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Highness
Crown Princess 23 of all Montana
Ms. Juicy Bouvier St James