Board of Directors

President of the BOD: Kim Spurzem

Vice President of the BOD: Vacant

Secretary: Gina McCallum

Treasurer:  Devin Colliander

Scholarship Coordinator: Mrs. Money

President of the College of Monarchs: Ophelia Bouvier Empress 10

Outreach Coordinator: Sophia Stone

Members at Large: Ian Mucci, Justin Pike, and Tiffany White

Reign 24

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Emperor of all Montana
Aidden Bedding

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Empress 24 of all Montana
Diana Bourgeois-Drake

His Most Imperial Sovereign Highness
Crown Prince 23 of all Montana
Brent Bedding

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Highness
Crown Princess 23 of all Montana
Ms. Juicy Bouvier St James