General meeting of the ISCSM on Sunday October 4th

Good day everyone.

We will be holding a general meeting of the ISCSM on Sunday October 4th at 1 pm. The meeting will be held at the Western Montana Community Center. This will be the last meeting for Reign 20 and the first meeting for Reign 21. We will be electing the new Board of Directors for Reign 21 at this meeting. If you are interested in a Board position, this is the meeting you need to attend.

If you have any questions please contact myself, Empress 21 Jacquelyn Frost, Empress 20 Christina Drake or any member of the Board of Directors and we will be happy to help.

In Love and Unity

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Empress 21 of all Montana
Jacquelyn Frost

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Emperor 21 of all Montana
Robert Lumberbottom LaRose