Performance Protocol

Upcoming Events and Specific Details:

April 14 – Empower Our Future:  Scholarship Show

As a general reminder to all of our performers, our shows have been very full!  The show is filled on a first come, first served like normal so get music in early.  The general theme is songs about empowerment and support, but like every show no one is required to stay in theme.  

General Information:

We will be doing a digital protocol in addition to our standard protocol. Please send your music in advance to with your full performing name, any titles you may have (limit 2) and any other requests. YOUR MUSIC TRACK MUST BE ATTACHED OR IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. We will reply back that we got it to let you know! If there are any problems with this, we will also have protocol open the night of the show until 8:30 for those that need/want to bring a CD. If you bring a CD, please contact Jasmine DeTanté at the email above to let her know ASAP with what you will be performing for protocol purposes. DO NOT BANK ON THE DJ HAVING YOUR MUSIC! WE WILL ONLY TAKE MUSIC UNTIL 8:30, performance space is given on a first come first serve basis. PERFORMERS MUST CHECK IN BY 8:30. If you are not checked in on time, we will have to cut your number from the evening.

Dressing Room:
  • There are to be absolutely no beverages in the dressing room.  This includes water bottles (or any other beverage brought in from outside the bar), drinks bought at the bar, etc.  
  • Only performers should be in the dressing area.  We understand that having a dresser makes life easier (and is sometimes necessary) but most of the time your fellow performers are more than happy to dive in and help out if you ask.  If you do absolutely need an extra person (it does happen), then only the person you need should be back there, and once you are finished changing they need to go back to the bar with you.  The dressing room is a safe space for our performers to quickly change without an audience, take a deep breath when need be, and to have a place to go. 
  • All personal belongings need to be out of the dressing room no later than 11:30pm.  Once the show is over, the bar needs to seal the hallway to the dressing room as quickly as possible for security purposes.   
  • The dressing room should be kept clean.  Out of respect for the bar, we are asking all performers to be more respectful and do their best to keep the dressing room clean.  During a show when you are running around, that can be hard.  But at the end of the last show, the entire room was a mess and filled with trash left behind.