May 20, 2016 – When Hell Freezes Over

Below is the music submission form for the show.  Please review the notes below:

  1. Performance preference will be given to past members of the College, current title holders, and out of state guests.
  2. Due to limited performance times, all submissions are on a first come/first served basis and we are unable to guarantee second performances.  We will do our best to include all performances into the set list at the start of the night, but performances will be cut from the end of the show as needed.
  3. In our new performance space, the shows move at a much faster pace.  All performers are expected to be ready for their performances on time.  If a performer misses their performance, it will be cut from the set list.  There will be no second chances for missed performances.
  4. If you are bringing a CD rather than submitting your music through this system, please email with the other details.  CDs must be turned in when performers check in. THE DJ WILL NOT HAVE YOUR MUSIC OR ACCESS TO THE INTERNET!
  5. All performers are REQUIRED to check in by 8:30 PM with Jasmine DeTante at the venue.  Performers who do not check in by this time will be cut from the set list.
  6. ***PLEASE NOTE*** You will need to submit one song at a time, please submit in the order you want to perform in.
Music Submissions