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The Applications Page for various titles is now live! If you are interested in being a part of the community with our organization for the Gay Big Sky Titles or the next Emperor, Empress, Prince or Princess for the next Reign you can take a look at the application. Come see these awesome community members work for the community at one of the shows!

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Application Page

Interm Announcements

The ISCSM would like to make the following announcements!

First and foremost Congratulations on your successful reign! 

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Highness
Princess 23 of all Montana
Temperance Abigayle

His Most Imperial Sovereign Highness
Prince 23 of all Montana
Pupcake Drake

Congratulations to reign 24, We look forward to seeing the amazing things you will do!

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty

Emperor 24 of All Montana

Aidden Bedding

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty

Empress 24 of All Montana

Diana Bourgeois-Drake

  His Most Imperial Sovereign Highness

Prince 24 of All Montana

Brent Bedding

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Highness

Princess 24 of All Montana 

Ms. Juicy Bouvier St James.

Please welcome the new Board of Directors For Reign 24!

President of the Board: Harry Sheets Miss Gay Big Sky 2016-2017

Vice President of the Board: Ray Davis

Treasurer: Jasmine Drake-DeTante Enchantress 6

Secretary: Gina McCallum

President of the College of Monarchs: Ophelia Bouvier Empress 10

Scholarship Coordinator: Rose Coates

Outreach Coordinator: Sophia Stone

Members at Large: Ian Mucci and Justin Pike

But wait there is more!

Reign 24’s First show is:

The ISCSM will be in a slow process of moving the website to a new home. With this move the site will look a bit different, also during the move, you may run into “missing page” messages or similar types of messages. We will do our utmost to keep those to a minimum.

Please keep a look out for us on facebook for other announcements!